du an vinhomes giang vo

Vinhome Giang Vo is vingroup of luxury furniture investment

Vinhome Giang Vo is proud to be a place to live for many residents

Vinhome Giang Vo is expected to be the most vibrant residential area in Hanoi capital, like the crystalline crystal in the heart of the city. Along with inheriting the spirit as well as the pace of previous projects. The project is invested by Vin Group, which is a combination of regular and serviced apartments, commercial centers and schools. Located on the main roads of Hanoi connecting the districts to the city center, Vinhome Giang Vo is the bridge connecting the central locations of the capital. In addition to the reasonable balance between public space, private apartment, Vinhomes Giang Vo system will meet the needs of living generations of family members.

Many talented interior designers gather Vinhome Giang Vo

Vinhome Giang Vo Apartment is designed intelligently and creatively, the smallest details are always respected by the leading designers. All the details are analyzed and analyzed to the best and smart, optimize the use but also in harmony with nature. The furniture is imported from Europe by the world’s leading brands. Investors want to create a strong mark bearing the Vinhomes brand so every idea as well as creativity will be blew into this project.

du an vinhomes giang vo

Overwhelmed by the benefits Vinhome Giang Vo direction

Living in Vinhome Giang Vo, future residents enjoy the ultimate value of living thanks to the integration of high-end services in the multi-industry ecology of the Vingroup Group. With these remarkable facilities, the project will certainly be the ideal residence for the customers to choose. The modern, luxurious Lounge on the 1st and 4th floor of the apartment buildings with breathtaking views, greenery on the floating garden, a place to relax, meet friends and guests of the residents. Gymnasium, yoga, adult pool, children’s pool, cinema … help to entertain, relax and improve the health of the residents. High-rise housing is planted urban area along the entire journey embracing the living space of recent residents. Certainly parents will be completely satisfied with what the Vinhomes Giang Vo Apartment has brought to their children.

Interest attractive when buying Vinhome Giang Vo

The Vinhome Giang Vo project will be a superior apartment project and superior level of utility. Price is expected from 50 million / m2. From here, Hoan Kiem Lake and West Lake are just a ten-minute drive away allowing families to take a walk during the weekends. Standing at the Vinhomes Giang Vo Apartment, customers can easily see Giang Vo Lake and some large lakes of Hanoi without loosing sight. Can not find a place to start for the future with limited funds? Do not worry because Vingroup always create conditions for you to own this high-end. Vinhome Giang Vo will officially start selling in May 2017. This is an ideal living space; It is a great profit opportunity for many investors.

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