Vinhomes Giang Vo investment opportunities

Special architecture was built at Vinhomes Giang Vo site

This high-end project is planned by VinGroup to be a complex of SOHO apartments with convenient functions for business people today. This type of apartment can be both residential and can be rented office space with 5 star design luxury from the world’s leading architects in cooperation with VinGroup. In addition to the above model suitable for young entrepreneurs, Vinhomes Giang Vo also has a shophouse model attractive business investment and safe in the long term for professional investors, fast and visually . This model is located at the base of the building, designed as Duplex floor to business.
According to information from VinGroup, the Shophouse model will be designed to create a modern, spacious feel suitable for the working environment. This model will create the brand image to the most effective and attractive customers. This is from this project. The number of shophouses is limited, while the supply of high-end offices in prime locations is not much so many are actively investing.

Vinhomes Giang Vo project

Vinhomes Giang Vo will be of international standard 5 stars

It is known that this project is invested by Tan Hoang Minh and Vingroup investors great hope. VinGroup’s long-term goal is to bring a breakthrough in the real estate industry at this lifeblood so VinGroup has not hesitated to invite the world’s leading architects to jointly plan to build green space. at Vinhomes Giang Vo. This project will feature the development of apartments: apartments and apartments Soho Officetel offices, commercial centers and schools Vinshool famous of VinGroup.

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Where to buy Vinhomes Giang Vo?

With prominent features located at 148 Giang Vo, adjacent to the administrative, economic and entertainment centers of Hanoi capital, Vinhomes Giang Vo will have more customers and investors as demand. High-end apartments for sale when this project is officially open for sale. With smart investors may have seen the golden opportunity right before the eyes and began to deposit for the present from today. The rate of return from 10% to 12% is an attractive number for customers who want to buy an apartment at this time.

What is the policy of Vinhomes Giang Vo?

According to sources, Vinhomes Giang Vo will have attractive incentive policies for customers who order M1 and M3 apartments here. The M2 building – the beautiful apartment building with direct views of the West Lake is also officially depositable. Customers are quick to contact us to order all nice – beautiful floor of the project to get the policy. the best discount. For more information, please visit website!

Close view of the beauty of Vinhomes Giang Vo

Hybrid ticket to buy Giang Vo apartment today in Hanoi

It is no coincidence that Vinhomes Giang Vo project is a project invested by VinGroup and Tan Hoang Minh thousands of billion. VinGroup always brings quality real estate projects with the prominent Vinhomes project. Certainly this next project will be to bring a breakthrough in the real estate industry at the vanguard. This project will feature the development of apartments: apartments and apartments Soho Officetel offices, commercial centers and international schools Vinshool, hospitals, high-end entertainment

The original price will be around 1.5 – 3 billion VND

In fact, it will be difficult to find the profitable investment advantages as Vinhomes Giang Vo. The project is located in the key economic and administrative center of the city. The attraction of this project is getting stronger as it is about to be completed by the end of 2017. This project promises to bring home investors rate of profitability from about 10% – 12%. It’s certainly not a small number with smart investors.

Vinhomes Giang Vo located in gold

Structure of models at Vinhomes Giang Vo site

Most prominent in Vinhomes Giang Vo can be referred to SOHO apartment with a clear function combining office and house in a smart way, but still ensure a separate function. Therefore, Soho will be an attractive business investment model for fast investors. Each Soho will be designed with modern international architecture today, optimizing the use of the feeling of spacious and luxurious. This unique model will undoubtedly be the place to create the brand image to customers most effective for this potential project.

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Vinhomes Giang Vo will be international standard

It is known that this project will integrate the outstanding facilities and promises to bring people here a life full of international standards. VinGroup has succeeded in successive projects such as Vinhomes Riverside, Vinhomes Time City. This new Vinhomes project will be a complex of commercial and residential service centers owned by Vingroup. This luxury apartment promises to bring a modern life with amenities from international schools, hospitals, commercial centers, high-end entertainment, outdoor gardens, super-wide swimming pool and especially the location between the commercial and administrative centers to ensure Vinhomes Giang Vo project ever hotter.